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Bali Personal Tours and Transport

Rafting Activities in Bali

The river is one of the natural springs on this earth. The river can also be used as an attractive place of recreation if the river can be arranged and managed properly.

On the island of Bali there are countless rivers that are used as recreational objects in the form of rafting or commonly called rafting. Rafting is a sport of fresh water where we are taken across the flow of the river with the insistence of large river currents that can trigger our adrenaline.

Rafting is not only required for physical excellence but also teamwork during the rushing river currents to finish at the end of the river. Here are the best places for rafting that we can find on the island of Bali

Rafting at Telaga Waja River

Rafting on the Telaga Waja River is perfect for those of you who like fun and challenging activities. Telaga Waja River has clear and clean water and challenging rapids with cool air of course along the route. The total length of the rafting route on the Telaga Waja River is 16 km.

Another attraction possessed by Telaga Waja is the beautiful and refreshing natural charm that is supported by the existence of terraced rice fields with the activities of traditional farmers and plantations, as well as the view of Mount Agung that towers up the north side.

There are 3 waterfalls that we can find during rafting along this river. So you will truly be spoiled by the high andrenalin . At the end of the rafting you will jump over a floodgate, very exciting, therefore prepare yourself and get enough rest because the Telaga Waja River rafting will drain your energy.

Location: Muncan Village, Karangasem, Bali
Opening hours: 09.00 – 16.00 WITA

Rafting at Ayung River

Ayung River is a place famous for its rafting tours, where the river flow is indeed suitable to be used as a good rafting place in Bali. Rafting travel routes that can be taken on the Ayung river as far as 12 km.

Rafting on the Ayung River has different characteristics from Rafting on the Telaga Waja River. If Rafting on the Telaga Waja River offers challenges, then Rafting on the Ayung River offers beauty. The panorama along the Ayung River is very beautiful, coupled with carvings on the river bank, and the green trees around the river complete the beauty of the Ayung River Rafting. During the paddle we will be taken along the Ayung River with a loud pounding of the river that never stops hit and wet our bodies.

Location: Ubud, Gianyar, Bali
Opening hours: 08.30 – 16.00 WITA

Rafting at Melangit River

The natural conditions on the Melangit River are no less beautiful, the typical rural scenery is able to hypnotize us with a dish of cool air that makes the body fresh. The water in this river is very cold. The length of the rafting route on this river is 7.5 km.

Not only the scenery in the form of a waterfall that we can find here, the singing of birds and forest animals along the river helped make us feel comfortable and truly be in an area that is free from noise and pollution. The activities of the local community around the Melangit River flow can also be seen during the paddle rowing trip on this river. Ripple of the swift river current became a sensation of its own, moreover the river water was very cold.

Location: Klungkung Regency, Bali
Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Rafting at Pakerisan River

If you’ve heard the location of Tampaksiring Palace, Pakerisan River is the main river in the area. Tampaksiring Palace is very identical with the first former president of the State of Indonesia.

The atmosphere along the rafting route on the Pakerisan River is very peaceful, no frenetic noise. The length of the rafting route on the Pakerisan River is 4.5 km. The ripples of the river currents here are not so loud so maybe we will be safer to avoid a kind of accident during rafting along the Pakerisan River.

Location: Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali
Opening hours: 09.00 – 16.00 WITA

Rafting at Unda River

Unda River is also used as an area to carry out the best rafting tour packages on the island of Bali. Unda River is located close to Telaga Waja river. When compared with the rafting places that we reviewed previously, rafting on the Unda river is fairly new.

The watershed has also begun to be preserved by the local government as one of the water tourism destination destinations in the Klungkung area.

Location: Klungkung Regency, Bali
Opening hours: 08.30 – 16.00 WITA

So how are you interested in Rafting in Bali? Come to Bali and feel the sensation of rafting directly on the river in Bali.

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